Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Amendment Bill 2018

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  • Will allow up to 4 plants for personal use (previous 2)
  • Will remove fines on less then 50g



2019.03.28 - 1st Committee Hearing for Bill Held[edit]

2019.02.20 - Bill Debated and referred to committee[edit]

Jeremy Hanson from The Liberals speaks second.

Andrew Barr from Labor speaks next

Caroline Le Couteur from The Greens

Tara Cheyne from Labor supports bill.

Bill gets referred to committee

2019.02.12 - Reports of Bill Delay[edit]

Reports of the bill being delayed due to new amendment laws [1] [2]

2019.02.09 - Jeremy Hanson Publishes Scare Article Online[edit]

Jeremy Hason writes an article for The Canberra Times with false claims such as Cannabis being more harmful then cocaine [3] [4]


2019.12.09 - Sunrise Interview[edit]

Michael appears on Sunrise to discuss the Bill.

2018.11.28 - Bill Introduced[edit]

Michael Pettersson introduces Bill

Bill Debated by Jeremy Hanson