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Reason: Reason: An average 72% of respondents polled in April 2018 agreed with the Australian Green's proposal to legalise Cannabis for adult use and the right to home cultivation. Over one third of Australians admit to using Cannabis but indications are that many more use it covertly on a regular basis and would only admit the same in a secret ballot. Laws prohibiting personal use, possession and cultivation of Cannabis have been ineffective, and have effectively ruined the lives of many otherwise law-abiding citizens. They have driven users to the black market and allowed criminals to flourish, putting public safety at great risk. This is counter to current harm reduction policy. Societal harms and deaths from alcohol and illicit/prescription drug abuse have noticeably reduced in jurisdictions where Cannabis has been legalised. It is not unreasonable to expect similar in Australia. We acknowledge Australia is bound by outdated international treaty obligations, but note many nations have moved forward, basing decisions on current scientific evidence that disputes 'reefer madness' propaganda on which prohibition of Cannabis was based, last century. Economically, taxpayer funds currently expended on police/judicial resources to enforce Cannabis laws could be better utilised elsewhere, while taxation from sales of legal Cannabis has the potential to raise millions of dollars. Essentially the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Request: therefore request a plebiscite be held at the next Federal Election asking: “Should the herb Cannabis sativa L., be legalised for adult use Australia-wide?